World Pharmaceutical Technology, LLC is a California startup specialized in the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative solutions for a range of important health needs.

Formed in 2018 with a track record of cutting edge research excellence for more than 15 years, underpinned by an extraordinary breadth of biomedical insights across disciplines, the Company is now well positioned to drive innovations in the health sector to assist in translating the best sciences and research results into medicines. While still preliminary, the pipeline of leads and projects, combined with the state-of-the-art platform technologies and a broad range of integrated capabilities spanning the anti-cancer R&D process, have ensured the Company to continue producing breakthroughs for urgent medical needs in today's well-defined, multi-billion dollar markets.

Complementing it’s strong basis in pharmaceuticals, the Company has recently launched nutraceutical business centered on a number of sub-health issues. These life-touching enhancements are extensively formulated and branded with top quality ingredients that shall come directly to you from trustworthy GM-certified US manufacturers ensuring maximum visibility of effectiveness, reliability and quality.

With strong burning passion in the business, World Pharmatech aims for developing strategic expansion model based on clients need and implementing it seamlessly in the target markets. The Company is committed to bringing long-term impact on academic research, the healthcare industry and people around the world.