enhanced ethics & TRANSPARENCY

We define compliance as meeting worldwide societal demands for a high level of ethics and transparency and executing business practices based on its corporate philosophy. We recognize that compliance is vital in earning the trust of all of its stakeholders, including patients and general consumers. Therefore, we place great importance on responsible corporate governance and are in full compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements when managing business worldwide. We want to be recognized and trusted for our high-quality science and for the impact we can make on serious diseases. This means setting and living up to high standards of ethical practice across all aspects of our research activity worldwide, including pre-clinical development and research with animals. 

Our Code of Conduct requires that our research be conducted in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations. Our Code also requires compliance with our Bioethics Policy, which describes our commitment beyond legal compliance and defines the ethical standards, principles and behavior governing all our research and development activities. Our Ethics and transparency focus on creating positive societal and ethical impact across value chain that include:

  • Ethical business culture
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Talent and workforce evolution
  • Workforce wellbeing and safety
  • Responsible supply chain
  • Human rights