• In-vitro studies that support understanding of disease biology using cells and/or ex-vivo tissues from humans or animals.
  • In-vivo animal studies that have translatable endpoints to human disease and could be used to support progression to clinical studies.
  • Compound/mechanism combination studies to uncover synergies between pathways leading to novel disease insight and potential therapies.


  • We combine more than 15 years track record of critical stage capabilities for novel discoveries. Our best-in-class R&D team is advanced with the deepest insights from biomedical literature through molecular mechanism investigation to fuel development of new treatment solutions. 
  • Our innovators are building even stronger than ever the R&D competencies with the aim to transform, extend and save lives!  We focus on novel discovery projects that cover a host of disease indications in Oncology, Cardiovascular, Diabetes & Diabetic Complications, Prostate health and Renal and Metabolism.


As a recipient of multiple NIH/DOD funds and awards, we are given access to an incredible research lab with state-of-the-art equipment and tools that allow us to continue producing breakthroughs for urgent medical issues in today's well-defined market.


Where science thrives


Small Molecules & Biologics

Our scientific heritage is grounded in pushing the boundaries of small molecule discovery biologics. For decades, our scientists have led the way in identifying the right chemical leads. Much of our biologics work focuses on specially defined or targeted populations, determined by the scientific pathway of the disease and mode of the small molecules.

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Exploration

Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) is being intensively studied throughout our lab. Our researchers are working to find better ways to prevent, detect, and improve the quality of life of BC patients and survivors. Cancer patients who currently have important unmet treatment needs may have the most to gain from the targeted drugs for TNBC treatment. 

Novel Discovery & Development

We have played to our strengths successfully bringing critical-stage capabilities to early drug discovery from target identification through IND submission. We also work collaboratively with our external partners to harness breakthrough technologies across the life-cycle of our medicines. 

  • Drug discovery process benefits from fresh insights and enthusiasm
  • Identification and validation of novel targets
  • Finding new leads and optimizing existing molecules
  • Enrichment of scientific expertise through exchange of ideas
  • Generation of large number of computational tools
  • Publications of high quality research papers in renowned journals