partnership opportunity

Partnership for Innovation


We are committed to building a focused portfolio of safe drug products for a variety of clinical indications where there is significant unmet need. We welcome qualified private investment, strategic partnerships, and in/out-licensing opportunities that are consistent with our business strategy. We invite disease expert physicians and basic scientists to partner with us, with each other and with public or private funding bodies to brainstorm, design and execute preclinical translational research. The aim is to generate high quality, novel data to support the future discovery and development of new therapeutics through target validation, efficacy in models of disease and mechanistic insight into the pathophysiology of human disease.

What Are We Looking For?



  • Drug discovery projects with promising inventions
  • Deals with breakthrough, first-in-class, promising targets, etc.
  • Best commercialization pathway with Academia institutions


  • Developing and translating IP-backed sciences into Medicine
  • Building academic platform to advance drug discovery projects
  • Complementing our expertise in core research areas
  • Enhancing the sustainability of our product pipeline 

Next-generation Business Incubation


We are committed to fostering innovation through alliances and partnerships to seek for the best science outside our labs. We take bold steps to stay ahead of the curve with the aim to extend:

  • Business Development
  • Excellence for External Drug Discovery Projects
  • Research Agreements (through Academic Liaison)
  • Discovery Partnerships with Academia
  • Open Source Innovation